I’m not sure how old I am

There’s a lot of tales relating my age.

1. When I was a newbie working for a company after graduating from the University, I was the youngest one there. I used to see a guy in a elevator, and the conversation between us was like this:

– Are you a high-school student?

– No, I’m not.

– You must be under 17.

– I’m old enough to work here.

He seemed to be not believing in me=)

2. I can’t forget my first time visiting a Casino in Pechanga, CA. I was sitting around the table watching others playing roulette, then suddenly, one security guard come to me and asked me to show my ID Card. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring anything card or paper which has my birth date on it. Then I was asked to leave. SO ridiculous!

What I can learn from that experience is taking my passport everywhere I go.

3. Small conversation between me and my Brazilian friend:

– How old are you?

– What do u think?

– You’re too young to be allowed to enter a bar and drink.

=> Yes, you’re right, I shouldn’t come to a bar without a proof of my age. You know what, I remembered bringing my passport with me last time when coming to The Shout! House last time, and they let me in. So kool!!

4. A 26-yr-old guy and 30-yr-old guy:

Guy: How old are you?

Me: What do you think?

Guy: 18?

Me: No.

Guy: You can’t be younger. You must 18 or older to take this course, right?

Me: Haha. I’m much older, man.

Guy: Ok. What do you think about me?

Me: 24?

LOL. I live in a young wild world without age-gap!!





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