I – Me – Myself – Mine

Something about me – Trang
I’m Trang, and I come from Vietnam. I was born in Central Coast Vietnam, lived in the South for 10 years, and I love traveling to the North for vacation. You’re able to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine easily in lots of restaurants around San Diego. I guess the most well-known is “Pho” – a kind of rice noodle soup.
There are also many highlights that I really love to experience here in San Diego: nice weather, beautiful beaches, amazing places to visit,…


T- traveling – Yep, I suppose that everyone love traveling, too.
R- reading books – I read book when I have much free time, especially chick-lit books.
A – Adele – one of my favourite singer.
N – nature – I really love taking photos of nature, animals, flowers, landscapes,…
G – girly – I’m stereotyped with wearing long hair, skirts/dresses and that sorta girly stuff.

Please leave me some messages and we can make friend!! Thanks a bunch for coming over my place!!

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